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About the Large-Family Discount Plan

The latest version of the TT product line—the 4.0—is sold as an annual enrollment, but each enrollment is only for 1 child and 1 course. The prices for these enrollments, however, are FAR lower than the prices of our old products (books and discs). Specifically, the price of a 4.0 enrollment varies from around $45 to $75, whereas our old products cost around $130 to $205 depending on the grade level.

Of course, the price drop is great, especially if you have fewer children. The fewer the children, the cheaper the overall cost. But we also wanted the pricing structure to yield new advantages for larger families, those with 4 to 8 children. So we decided to cap the total annual cost to these families at $216.95. This means that large families can now convert everyone over to TT at a cost that is very close to the price of just one of our old TT high-school level complete sets (books and discs). Also, there is no financial penalty as the number of children (within the plan) rises. In fact, the more children you have, the lower the per child cost. Do the math and you will see that for a family of 8, the per child cost is now only around $27 per year!

Restrictions on the Large-Family Discount Plan

There are a few restrictions on the plan, but they are mostly minor.

  • First, this offer is only for individual households, so we ask that you not share a family account with friends or distant relatives. Also, the family plan is not an option for schools. School buyers must purchase enrollments individually.
  • Second, when you add the family option to your cart and begin the checkout process, you will notice that all the courses are required to begin on the same date; however, each course can still be individually paused, so there's flexibility there. And if some of the students under the plan need more than 12 months to finish a course, just give us a call and explain the circumstances.
  • Third, we do not allow students under the plan to have more than 1 enrollment. In other words, no single student can hold 2 of the possible 8 enrollments allowed by the plan.

Is the Large-Family Discount Plan Always Cheaper for a Family of 4?

As mentioned above, prices for 4.0 enrollments vary (depending on grade level). As a result, there are a handful of situations where the family plan is actually more expensive for a family of 4. We’ve identified these rare cases for you below.

  • If your family has exactly 4 students and at least 3 of your students are taking courses in our lowest-priced tier (Math 3, Math 4, and Math 5), then it will always be better for you to purchase individual enrollments instead of the family plan.
  • If your family has exactly 4 students and 2 of them are taking courses in our lowest-priced tier (Math 3, Math 4, and Math 5) while the other 2 are taking courses in our middle-priced tier (Math 6 and Math 7), then it will also be better for you to purchase individual enrollments instead of the family plan.

If your students are in any combination of courses not covered by the scenarios listed above, then you will ALWAYS save money by choosing the Large-Family Discount Plan instead of buying individual enrollments.

The Teaching Textbooks™

4.0 Large-Family Discount Plan

12-month Enrollment for 4-8 students:

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