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Below are links to placement tests for each of our products. After you print off a test, be sure to take out the answer key page before handing the test to your student. (The answer key page is always the last printed page.)

These placement tests will tell you which level is best for your student, regardless of which version of our products they are using (the physical versions or the all digital "app" versions). Also, if you're unsure about where to place a student, have them take two tests starting with the higher level. In other words, if you think your 6th grader might do best in Math 7 instead of Math 6, have them take the Math 7 placement test first and then give them the Math 6 test only if they do very poorly on the Math 7 one. If a student barely fails one or more sections of a placement test, we suggest that you not put them a level down. Our guidelines for pass/fail are very rough, and if a student almost passes a test they're almost assuredly ready for that grade level.

Finally, if you're curious about what topics are covered in each level, look over at the button menu on the left and then click on the product you're interested in. Next, look for the starred table of contents link half way down the page.

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