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Susan B. (Lake Orion, MI)

“We have 7 children, ranging in age from 3-16. We have all of the Teaching Textbook programs (with the only exception being Pre-Algebra). Using TT, my oldest son Paul has taken the SAT and scored a 1580. So you better believe that I have been recommending TT to everyone I know in the homeschooling community.”

Matt M. (Norman, OK)

“I made a perfect score on the math portions of both the SAT and the ACT. Teaching Textbooks covers all of the topics on these exams and gives you the conceptual understanding that you'll need to thrive as a future engineer.”

Zia M. (Phoenix, AZ)

“I was a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins, and in my view Teaching Textbooks is the best math program for people who are planning for a career in medicine.”

Catherine L. (Provo, UT)

“I'm almost 50 years old. My return to college necessitates that I learn Algebra 1 - something I always avoided because I was told over and over by teachers that "you aren't any good at math because you are good at English." Well, now you are proving them wrong! Thanks for giving me the confidence I always lacked and, more surprisingly, a love for algebra!”

Colette C. (Beaver Falls, NY)

“What a fantastic math year my son is having thanks to you.”

Vicky M. (Atlanta, GA)

“We are thrilled with your Algebra I. What we like: interesting and humorous word problems (not that old dry stuff), constant review, the cute drawings, and, of course, the CDs are most helpful - the voice is so pleasant and non-threatening. You rock!”

Barbara F. (Oklahoma City, OK)

“My daughter finally gets it!!! This is the most understandable and student-friendly algebra program I've seen yet. The easy-to-understand lessons speak directly to the student and are written in clear language (not "Mathese"), so even the mathematically-challenged parent or student can grasp the concepts.”

Tammy M. (Manchester, CT)

“I just wanted to say that I'm in 9th grade and I love your math. Last year I tried algebra and I totally flunked out! This year I tried your math and I'm passing with flying colors!”

Patricia P. (Clayton, NC)

“Teaching Textbooks has been a life-changing experience for our son.”

Bev P. (Houston, TX)

“We tried several different algebra programs with no success before we found Teaching Textbooks. By far, Teaching Textbooks is the best of all of them. For my son, Teaching Textbooks gave him back his confidence.”

Jeanette R. (Indianapolis, IN)

“Teaching Textbooks makes math a joy again.”

Karen L. (Cave Springs, AR)

“I'm understanding all the things that none of my high school or college teachers were ever able to get across to me! I finally get it!!! Thanks for an excellent program.”

Robyn L. (Athol, MA)

“WOW!!! You are an answer to prayers! Thanks and God bless you for your math program!”

Donna B. (Jacksonville, FL)

“We are using the Algebra 1 series that you wrote and LOVE it! This has been the best math program we have EVER used, bar none, in the 9 years we've homeschooled.”

Allan & Jana G. (Oklahoma City, OK)

“It's like they sent an instructor to our home in the box!! Our daughter loves it!!!”

Sherri E. (Winter Springs, FL)

“I'm so satisfied with your Algebra 1 program that I just have to let you know! After being stuck in pre-algebra with another popular homeschool math program for almost two years, my son is now finally understanding algebra. He is challenged with dyslexia and math has always been so difficult for both him, the student, and me, his teacher. This year has been a breath of fresh air with your program.”

Victor A. (Knoxville, TN)

“WE LOVE TEACHING TEXTBOOKS!!! I can't say enough good about it! My daughter is understanding algebra like never before.”

Freda H. (Indianapolis, IN)

“I was trying to write a review without gushing about how excellent I think your Algebra 1 Teaching Textbook is, but I can't do it. You have made it so understandable that even my 11 year old son is learning algebra.”

Pearl H. (Clovis, CA)

“Your program has been so helpful for us. We are no longer frustrated, and my daughter is breezing along nicely and knows more than I do in algebra now. She was even able to help my husband who is studying to be an electrician with his algebra. I think that is GREAT!!!”

Scott & Tonya W. (Mason, MI)

“We are using your geometry and are very impressed and grateful for your company.”

Joyce S. (Stillwater, OK)

“This curriculum is a Godsend.”

Dorothy W. (SimiValley, CA)

“We'd like you to know how much we are enjoying your geometry program so far. It has helped my sons to have your complete explanations at their fingertips.”

Becky J. (Raleigh, NC)

“My son recently started using your Geometry curriculum and he is now understanding the subject so much better. Thank you so much for developing a great curriculum.”

Dr. Pam G. (Orlando, FL)

“You have certainly made my child less math phobic this year. Don't rest. Keep going. Continue to expand this wonderful math sequence. It works!”

Graca K. (Las Vegas, NV)

“I'm doing the Pre-Algebra and I'm in the 8th grade. I've tried many different math curriculums and until now I've ABSOLUTELY HATED math, but now I actually LOVE IT!”

Linda L. (Port Orange, FL)

“Thank you very much. We are absolutely sold on your program.”

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