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This page is meant to assist those who are still using our old physical products (books and discs). As most TT users know, we have always been committed to helping customers resell their products and to helping the new (used market) buyers maintain them, regardless of whether those buyers have ever paid us anything directly. However, as time progresses and hardware changes in fundamental ways, this task is becoming more difficult. Therefore, we would like to encourage all TT users to upgrade to our 4.0 if at all possible. The entry costs are lower than ever and although the content is the same, the product itself is vastly superior to the versions printed on physical media.

Having said all that if you still need/want to continue with disc-based products, you first need to check your device compatibility here.

There are compatibility issues with Mac computers. For information about using the discs with a Mac, click here.

If you are unsure if you need one of these updates or unsure about which update applies to you, please call us at (405)525-3600, M-F, 8am-5pm CT, and a representative will be happy to patiently walk you through all the necessary steps.

Settings Menu Update for All 2.0 Software

These updates are for any product where the 2nd set of digits in the serial number starts with a 2, such as MATH5-2XXXX. (All products that have 2.0 in the title and most Math 7 through Math 3 products meet this criteria).1

The update replaces the "Buddy Sounds" button with a new "Settings" button that gives your child two new options. He or she may now turn off the buddies and the hint sparkle sound entirely, and the gradebook transfer program may now be accessed through the parent home page.

Here are the links for this update.

Math 3 Math 4 Math 5 Math 6 Math 7
Pre-Algebra Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Geometry

If you aren't sure how to install the update, click here for step-by-step instructions.

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Teaching Textbooks™ 1.0 Versions that Run on Mac OSX

There are compatibility issues with Mac computers. For information about using the disc with a Mac, click here.

If you are using any Teaching Textbooks™ programs that don't have automated grading on Mac OSX 10.7 or higher, you need to download the appropriate patch(es) below. Mac users with products that do have automated grading should read the info regarding the patch for those above.

Pre-Calculus Mac Patch Geometry 1.0 Mac Patch


Algebra 2 1.0 Mac Patch


Algebra 1 1.0 Mac Patch


Pre-Algebra 1.0 Mac Patch

*Only download if your product DOES NOT have a digital grade book.

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1 Math 5, Math 6, and Math 7 programs that have a serial number beginning with a "1" after the course indicator (i.e. "MATH5-") are NOT Mac-compatible. Verify that your product is Mac-compatible (the serial number will begin with a "2") before installing this patch. (Back)

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