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You can try as many TT math programs as you like—even simultaneously—from Math 3 all the way up through Pre-Calculus.

Each free trial includes the full TT program up through Lesson 15. Features include:

  • Award-Winning Lectures
  • Printable eBook with Search Capabilities
  • Automated Grading
  • Step-by-Step Audiovisual Solutions to Each Problem (through lesson 15), and
  • Lots of Daily Prizes to Encourage Students to Do Their Work

Not only is there no limit to the number of free trials you can sign up for at once, there is also no time limit for completing each trial. And if you enjoy the trial stage and decide to buy, your children’s grades will immediately be transferred to the paid version so they won’t need to redo any of their work.

Here Are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I access the Teaching Textbooks Free Trial?

    • Set up a TT account if you do not already have one.
    • Add the free trials to your cart and checkout.
    • Simply download the app version onto your student’s device.
    • Sign in as the “Parent” on the app and assign the free trial to your student on that device.

  • How soon can I start after I sign up?

    Immediately after you sign up, you’ll be sent an email from TT telling you the steps for gaining access to the digital course.

  • Do I need any other materials, such as a TT print textbook?

    No. Each free trial contains everything you need, including a printable eBook.

  • Does the Free Trial work on tablets and smartphones?

    Yes! The Free Trial for each TT course level is just a truncated version of our full program for that level, and since each TT product is now an app, both the free and the paid version of TT both work on tablets and phones!

  • What if I have several students who are in the same grade level? Can I get more than one free trial of the same program?

    Yes. You can sign up for as many free trials as you want.

  • What if the free trial I signed up for is too difficult or too easy for my student. Can I try another one?

    Absolutely. Remember that you may try as many programs as you’d like. So if some of your initial choices seem to be a bad fit, simply revisit the Free Trial page to sign up for others.

  • Do I need to enter a credit card to do the trial?

    No! No billing information is needed, just an email so TT can set up your account and get you started.

  • I’m ready to buy. Will our grades carry over?

    Yes, your students will not have to repeat any assignments and the grades will automatically transfer to the purchased course. You could also clear out the grades in the gradebook if you prefer.

  • I’m ready to buy. How should I convert my free trial accounts to paid accounts?

    To upgrade to a paid account, select the program(s) of your choice from the left hand menu on this page. Use the same email and password you used to set up your free trial, and your grades and progress will all be automatically transferred!

  • I’m ready to buy, but I have a large family (4 to 8 kids). Is the process for converting my free accounts to paid accounts the same as it is for smaller families?

    There is special pricing for families with 4-8 students, so if you buy 4 or more enrollments, you should probably consider this option instead of simply buying each course individually. Learn more about the Large-Family Discount Plan here.

  • If I ultimately choose to buy the full paid version of TT, will the time I spent doing the free trial be deducted from my 1-year enrollment time?

    No. So even though your work progress will be saved, your 1-year enrollment will only begin after you activate the full paid course.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us at


or email customerservice@teachingtextbooks.com

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