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  • To install the Teaching Textbooks apps, go to the Google Play store and search “Teaching Textbooks,” then download the appropriate app. You can also get to the Play Store from our downloads page.
  • Note: You MUST have the Play Store installed/enabled on your device to use our app. If you do not have the Google Play Store enabled, you will need to enable the Play Store app with these steps.


  • I am not sure if my Chromebook OS is the latest version.

    To eliminate technical issues that happen from having an outdated operating system, be sure you have the latest update available.

  • My device isn’t registered with the Play Store.

    Please reference this Google Support Page for help enabling your device.

  • I do not have enough storage, or no storage to download the app.

    If your Chromebook does not have enough storage, you may need to add storage with a micro/Sd card.

  • I cannot locate the TT app AFTER downloading it.

    Click the circle in the bottom left of your screen and then click the up arrow at the top. This will show all of the apps installed on the Chromebook. If the app is not there, download the app from the Play Store.

  • I need to make a shortcut.

    After downloading the TT app, you can open it by clicking the Launcher Circle in the bottom left and then the blinking arrow at the top of the next screen. This is a list of all of the apps on the Chromebook. Scroll to find your Teaching Textbooks App. Hold down the ALT key and click our app, then click, “Pin to shelf.” This will put a shortcut at the bottom of your screen. To put a shortcut on the home screen of your Chromebook, click and hold the App icon in the list of Apps on the Chromebook and drag it to the home screen.

  • I need to determine if my Chromebook is managed by my school.

    You can find out if your Chromebook is managed by the school, here.

  • I have a Chromebook from a school that is locked down.

    If your Chromebook is from a school and has settings that restrict which apps the device can download and run, you will need to contact the school and have them adjust the settings. We cannot assist with adjusting those settings.

  • I am a teacher and need to have the apps allowed by my school.

    If your Chromebook is remotely managed by your school or administrator, you may need to contact them with special instructions to enable your students’ Chromebooks to download our app. Please contact our customer service team for details at (405) 525-3600, M-F, 8am-5pm CT.

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